Anyone who lives in Louisville should try the iconic Burger Boy!  It’s a very small place with tons of love.  While you can see everything they are doing in the kitchen you can enjoy the atmosphere.  They definitely need to be on triple D’s. 

Breakfast is served 24/7 and all food served to order so worth any wait you could have.

I will post the entire menu below.  Last night I wanted the Bison burger but they were all sold out.  Still delicious on its own…the Burger Boy. I ordered mine with bacon and the most amazing cheese sauce.  Wait let me rephrase I ordered mine with bacon, cheddar, tomato, onion, and pickle but only got bacon and cheese.  NOT the kitchens fault.  We had a very sweet server but she was horrible at her job.  She failed to tell us no Bison burger so the chef had to.  After we ate we ordered fried mushrooms to go and sat for 20 to 30 minutes before we finally got up and she said I will get that order in and the chef said we are out.  Ugggg.  It was fine because my friend and I were catching up, but damn come tell us.

Yes it was that good I ate that much before the photo.

I forgot to mention the fries, they come battered and seasoned to perfect.  I am a huge cheese fry fan but I recommend getting cheese on the side so you can savor the flavor of the fry itself.  

I have to say our server, Amy, was horrible at her job.  The food…Amazing!!  The price is for anyone, you cannot beat it!  Drop in anytime because as they say if you are up, they are open!!

Also known as Juanita’s Burger Boy!