OHHHH WOW!!!  Did I Ever mention how much I dislike lotions.  All lotions too!!!!  I hate the greasy feeling on my skin and my fingers.  I even disliked applying lotion on my children as babies and young kiddos.  It was always so nasty feeling.  I know my skin needs it to feel great.

Then thanks to Crowdtap I got the great opportunity to try Jergens Wet moisturizer.


As you can see we are fans of Jergens brand in our home.  The love began with my mother and has been passed down.  I use it rarely but my husband uses it almost every day.  Now that I have found the Wet Moisturizer I will probably use it every time I shower.  It was so easy and moisturized and it felt great coming out of the shower feeling great and not sticky and greasy.

I cannot wait to share this awesome brand with more of my friends and family.  It’s hard to see the shine on my leg.  Yes I said leg because I wanted to test the difference.  My right leg has Jergens the left leg has nothing.  Even today the next day I can still tell a huge difference.  Don’t take my word for it though, give it a try!