No matter what it is called my friends and family only see it as homeschool and anti socializing. It is so much more. 

I was not homeschooled but I made the decision awhile back to put my son in some sort of school at home once he reached that age. Well this year was Kindergarten. 

His older brother does go to a B&M which he hates but that is another story.

Tomorrow will be one week from when we started it and so far both of us love it. Now the only negative I can see so far is the lack of attention my baby girl gets. (She is a baby to me, she is four.)  

Everyone was against me doing this. I have three friends who support me but said they could not do it. Believe me I wonder all the time if I have made the wrong decision.  My wonderful 5year old is a social bug and always making friends wherever he goes. They just never stick. It’s the friend who he meets at the playground one day. So yes I worry. He is a December baby and never ever has friends visit for his birthday. 

I feel like a horrible mom sometimes and like I am keeping him away from what I had happen in school which was 80% bad in my opinion.

There are tons of trips and fun in this online public school so I cannot wait to see where it leads us. Each time he learns something new he gets so excited to share it with his Daddy when he gets home. Right now he flies thru math but we taught him that when he was three. So I am anxious to see how he deals with learning new.

So for now my son attends Connections Academy and we love it. (We being my son and myself ) I have yet to get an update on how my husband and parents feel.