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Food Review

Burger Boy, Louisville

Anyone who lives in Louisville should try the iconic Burger Boy!  It’s a very small place with tons of love.  While you can see everything they are doing in the kitchen you can enjoy the atmosphere.  They definitely need to be on triple D’s. 

Breakfast is served 24/7 and all food served to order so worth any wait you could have.

I will post the entire menu below.  Last night I wanted the Bison burger but they were all sold out.  Still delicious on its own…the Burger Boy. I ordered mine with bacon and the most amazing cheese sauce.  Wait let me rephrase I ordered mine with bacon, cheddar, tomato, onion, and pickle but only got bacon and cheese.  NOT the kitchens fault.  We had a very sweet server but she was horrible at her job.  She failed to tell us no Bison burger so the chef had to.  After we ate we ordered fried mushrooms to go and sat for 20 to 30 minutes before we finally got up and she said I will get that order in and the chef said we are out.  Ugggg.  It was fine because my friend and I were catching up, but damn come tell us.

Yes it was that good I ate that much before the photo.

I forgot to mention the fries, they come battered and seasoned to perfect.  I am a huge cheese fry fan but I recommend getting cheese on the side so you can savor the flavor of the fry itself.  

I have to say our server, Amy, was horrible at her job.  The food…Amazing!!  The price is for anyone, you cannot beat it!  Drop in anytime because as they say if you are up, they are open!!

Also known as Juanita’s Burger Boy!


Shari’s Berries

Where to start?  Well I hosted a Berries4Mom party thru House Party!  Very thankful for that by the way!  My party included 24 Fancy Berries and 4 Cheesecake Trios!!  WOW a lot of food and so delicious!!!  When these boxes arrived I was just overwhelmed and forgot what came in my package until it arrived.


Needless to say my kids first words were, WOW!  They loved helping me unpack it and put it up!  Plus of course I had to sneak peak at the Strawberries!!  I didn’t want to unwrap the Cheesecakes as they came in plastic wrap over the boxes!

Look at these huge, juicy and amazing looking chocolate covered strawberries:


It was so hard not to break into these a day early and eat them myself!!  One or two was the most I could handle on our actual party day anyway!  They were so delicious!!!

We had a nice setup and had some Shari’s Berries Wine Openers, Offer Postcards, and Wine and Dessert Pairing Magnets!!  It was so much fun to set up and share these desserts with some close friends!

I most definitely recommend Shari’s Berries to anyone around for some delicious taste and it will likely put a smile on anyone’s face you send them to!  To order just visit BERRIES.COM and enter the CODE: BERRIES4MOM for $10.00 OFF!!  Put a smile on your Mom’s face!

Applebee’s Has Changed

Did you know Applebee’s has completely changed their menu and the way their locations look?  Our local Applebee’s now has cleaner looking walls and fewer sports mementos.  It now has local photos and sports teams of High Schools.  I actually love that better, it feels like they are becoming more of the community.  I should have taken some photos but we went at Midnight!

The most amazing thing is late at night some of their appetizers go half price!  When we got there I never imagined to see such a busy parking lot and that many people inside.  I actually asked Lauren, who greeted us, she said it’s hit or miss sometimes.  This was a Friday night!  We stopped by after a concert because I was starving, the hubs not so much!

Lauren on the other hand was a wonderful server!!  Very attentive and kind.  We ordered mozzarella sticks which I thought were bigger last time but that is okay.  Their new menu is based upon a wood grill which we ordered nothing from but it all looked good.  My husband ordered Boneless Wings with Spicy Chili sauce and I ordered the Beer Burger with fries.  Gosh that beer cheese rocked!!!  I even dipped my fries into it.  My other dislike was the sweet and spicy pickles it came with which are actually just cucumbers spiced up.  I am not a cucumber fan for some reason but I ADORE pickles!!

So all the food was cooked nicely, I asked for a Medium Well burger and got a Medium Rare but I ate it anyway because I was starving!

My only huge complaint was yes it was late and close to closing so they were using the vacuum.  The girl who started near us came right up to our legs and the vacuum has the air vent blowing right into our faces, which by the way stunk horribly and was not something you wanted to smell while eating your food.

I recommend checking out your local Applebee’s and see how they have changed!!!  You will also notice electronic tablets at every table where you can order, pay, and even play games!

Trying to be Fancy

The outside looked wonderful, I was a little put off by the fact that you could not park yourself unless you wanted to walk a bit; you had to use valet!


As we walked inside it was extremely fancy looking. To me too fancy for BBQ. To me BBQ does not scream fine dining. Cloth napkins, candle lights, dressed up waiters were the mood to be set and then they ask if you want a bib.


The first thing we ordered were nachos and I have to say I am not a fan of the pork. To me it was too smoky but I am sure someone likes it. My husband and I not so much.


We ordered the combo and split it with my husband ordering a Sweet Potato and myself Mac and Cheese. The ribs were amazing and tender. The rest of the food was great too.


Service was okay, a little slow, not very well with refills. If they are going to be so slow, bring bigger cups. Also we felt rushed, like they needed the table to make more money. Was not impressed with that either.


Johnsonville Grillers

These were the best grillers I believe I have ever had.  So juicy when grilled and some amazing taste!

I cannot wait to get more of these sometimes soon.


These grilled up so nicely.  Full of cheese and bacon!  We invited my parents over when we grilled these for them to enjoy this deliciousness as well!  I recommend a thinner bun so you can truly enjoy the flavor.

We purchased this item at a smaller grocery store so only had this choice but I would love to try the other flavors as well.

An extreme thank you to Johnsonville for the opportunity to eat these.  This tasting was sponsored by them and Crowdtap!  I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity!  Thanks for sponsoring Johnsonville!!


Sample craze

OMG this week has been sample week and I am toooo excited for them.  I got my House Party pack for my Shari’s Berries party!!!!


I love to order Shari’s Berries, especially when my husband is out of town.  I will always have an order of chocolate covered strawberries sent to his room!  He always brags about the taste and size of the Berries!!  I must say I have never tried anything else so I am excited to try the cheesecake.

My only problem:  DO I HAVE TO SHARE?

If you notice our cute pack came with photo booth props, a white board bubble with a marker, coupons, Red Wine & Dessert pairing magnet, and more!!!  Did I mention I am excited for this one?

Thanks House Party and Shari’s Berries!!


Snack Disappointment

Well I am a large girl who loves her carbs that is for sure. Thanks to Kroger I was able to try something I had wanted to for awhile. They gave me a coupon for one of their frozen snacks.  The original cost was over 4.00.  I picked the BBQ Pork Potato Skins!!

What could go wrong right?  Well I will first show to u the photo and then tell you why I will never purchase them again. Sorry Kroger, you are awesome in other ways just not this one.


So these are three of the five that were in the box. There was my first disappointment, only five. Well if the entire family liked them that is one per person and they are about 1.00 a piece. If you can tell the skin is prominent and the meat and cheese in them is lacking. When I get a potato skin I expect it to be full and plump. Not naked or on a diet. If I wanted very little food I would not have purchased them.

The taste was not horrible but also not very good either. Now the other two:


Not as bad right. Still not as full as I would have liked. I am sure we could have taken the topping and made a small sandwich and stuffed them ourselves. However if I buy potato skins that say on the box they are full of BBQ Pork I expect it to have more than a small plop.  (YES I love my English grammar too. :))

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