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Homeschool or Online Public School

No matter what it is called my friends and family only see it as homeschool and anti socializing. It is so much more. 

I was not homeschooled but I made the decision awhile back to put my son in some sort of school at home once he reached that age. Well this year was Kindergarten. 

His older brother does go to a B&M which he hates but that is another story.

Tomorrow will be one week from when we started it and so far both of us love it. Now the only negative I can see so far is the lack of attention my baby girl gets. (She is a baby to me, she is four.)  

Everyone was against me doing this. I have three friends who support me but said they could not do it. Believe me I wonder all the time if I have made the wrong decision.  My wonderful 5year old is a social bug and always making friends wherever he goes. They just never stick. It’s the friend who he meets at the playground one day. So yes I worry. He is a December baby and never ever has friends visit for his birthday. 

I feel like a horrible mom sometimes and like I am keeping him away from what I had happen in school which was 80% bad in my opinion.

There are tons of trips and fun in this online public school so I cannot wait to see where it leads us. Each time he learns something new he gets so excited to share it with his Daddy when he gets home. Right now he flies thru math but we taught him that when he was three. So I am anxious to see how he deals with learning new.

So for now my son attends Connections Academy and we love it. (We being my son and myself ) I have yet to get an update on how my husband and parents feel.


Courtyard Cincinnati North at Union Centre

Wow all I can say is wow. I stayed at a Courtyard in New York for about a month and a half and was highly impressed then. This brought me back to then. I had an amazing time and felt greatly appreciated at this location as well.

When you walk in everything is very neat and spotless! (more on spotless later) When we were checking in there was also a bus full of kids from a baseball team but we got checked in quite quickly. At first I was concerned because I did prepay for my room but it was not noticed at first and neither was the free breakfast that was prepaid so I was a bit concerned. However they found it and all was good. After we were finished with check-in, the very kind woman came around the counter to hand us our waters and explain the times and any other information we needed such as wifi.

Off to our room we went where we were greeted with a HUGE King size bed, which I have to say was the most amazing and most comfortable bed I have ever laid in. I do not steal but if I could have fit that mattress in my purse it might have been gone. They had a mini couch in our room which was great for your posture. A two part desk and by that I mean there was a part that rolled around the room and you could sit anywhere with it, and I did. A HUGE Shower!!!

13055579_10154132736407272_7249988413358214078_n (1)

Now earlier when I said everything was spotless in the lobby it was in the room as well! I even checked the top of the picture frames for dust, yes I am that person, and they were clean and clear!! Some of the bathroom tile had some stain but doesn’t everyone’s bathroom? The last time I stayed at a Courtyard the Shampoo’s were not so large so I was excited by that because I have longer hair and use an entire bottle. Now I do not!

We ordered the same breakfast two days in a row. It was so delicious!!! Turkey sausage, egg whites, sourdough toast, and potatoes!!! Delicious!! The second day I ordered the same thing but my sausage was dry, the egg whites were not egg whites and we got less potatoes than the previous day but it was still good. My husband also got to fill up his coffee a few times.

12524145_10154132736477272_7073131229894892826_n (1).jpg

Yes I put ketchup on my eggs!

The first night we visited the pool/whirlpool area. We were not hugely impressed but not extremely disappointed either. The whirlpool/hot tub did not have any jets that were working. IT was nice and toasty though. The pool was a comfortable temperature as well. It was 4′ deep at it’s deepest and I loved that.

My only negative comment about the entire stay was there was no vent/fan in the bathroom. Lets face it everyone has to go to the bathroom but it would have been nice for some of it to be sucked up by the vent!

We Have a Winner….

Getting my children to agree on a toothpaste is almost the same as them agreeing on food. Horrific.  As you can see we try a lot and sometimes the oldest finishes because he doesn’t care. The middle is our youngest choice.  So Crest moved her up from baby paste.


So which toothpaste won the love of all three children you ask?


I was shocked. Growing up Aim was the only brand we used, then during the see if I can make it on my own years I bought whatever was cheap.

So when my husband found this and we decided to try it we didn’t know it would get all of their love. Needless to say we will stick with it!!! 

My middle now looks like a shark. I feel for him because I have been told teeth issues are hereditary and I had so many oral surgeries as a teen it could have bought a Ford Escort.


I have to admit our little shark freaked me out for a bit. I am more calm now hearing from friends and family lol. I just have a feeling his teeth future will not be easy.

Boy oh Boy

So today has been an odd day, I was so sick this week I was at the Urgent Care twice and Hospital once.  Needless to say I still don’t feel quite well.  My husband had plans for about a month to go hang out with some friends.  As he got ready to leave my daughter had a meltdown.  She asked for hugs and kisses three times and I knew it wasn’t going to work.

So he came back in and tried to put the kids to bed and that didn’t work either.  So he brought them down, we watched a Turtle’s Tale and they fell asleep.  (he left after he brought them down btw).  Oh my poor baby boy was scared of the movie.  I felt so bad.

I feel the need to vent because if it was him that had been sick all week, I wouldn’t have left.  I even asked him the last time he saw this guy he was going to see.  (Mostly because I have never heard of him let alone seen him hang out.)

I know this is a short one today but I am exhausted, sick, bored, sad, lonely, shall I go on…….


Don’t worry I didn’t forget. My children and I have had the flu 3 times since Christmas….unsure what this round of sick is for them….for me double ear and sinus infection.

Anyway I am very opinionated and need to speak. However tonight will not be it. We leave for vacation tomorrow and typing a blog on your phone is probably not the best of ideas.

Hope those of you that do read my blog are doing well in your own endeavors. Please feel free to share how things are.

Until another day…



Well I have this post I wrote on my phone and cannot get it to post.  Not really sure why it is doing it. So I guess you miss my ramblings for that day.  Don’t worry you didn’t miss anything huge.

Today I have had a headache from what can only be explained as hell.  It has not gone away since 1:30am.  Woke me up multiple times, etc.  So my wonderful husband came home to help me with the kids.  Which I was grateful for.  I actually slept off and on until 3:30pm when he came to tell me they were running to the store.  Will stayed with me instead of going with Daddy.

So I have been addicted to some FB games.  I cannot help it.  I can’t seem to get away from them. They do relax me.  Today is not a relaxing day though.  I have tried.  I am still reading the No More Perfect Moms book, but I am about 2 chapters behind right now.  This past week was just so crazy busy.

October is always busy for us.  Halloween!!!  Izzy wants to be Minnie and Will Mickey.  Of course I am making Will’s so I don’t have to spend a pooh load on a costume.  Nick wants to be Steve from Minecraft so very very easy!!

So today I have not ate very much let alone enough fruits and veggies.  I am on 2 veggies for the day and that’s it.  My husband bought me tomato soup but it was a generic off brand and honestly doesn’t taste very good so I have to add some flavor to it.

Has anyone ever watched Orange is the New Black?  HAHAHA… That’s all I need to say about this.

In other news:  GUESS WHAT?!?? I have an interview tomorrow for an Event Coordinator.  Dream job!!!!  Wish me luck.  If i even really want to work, sometimes I do not know what I want anymore.  Anyone else have that problem?  I think I have forgotten what is important and forgotten who I am.


Thoughts…. Sickening

So a few things I have been thinking while the whole family is sick and stuffy.  A.K.A Miserable…. 1.  I am a neat freak at all times except when sick.  My house looks like a tornado struck inside and threw things about.  I am having issues with it being such a mess.  However I feel so horrible right now I don’t even want to get up to fix myself some food let alone anything else.

2.  A shower really does go a long way with the way you feel.  3.   My kids are the sweetest things ever.  When I am sick I find them even more sweet and funny.  They brighten my day.  So when I feel like I am having a bad day I just look at them and things get all better.

4.  Never ever weigh yourself, sick or not.  The results are frightening.  The scale makes me hate myself.  I have no clothes because I gave them all away thinking I would never let myself get this big again.

When we are sick it brings us closer together as a family so I try not to let my negative thoughts consume us at all but let alone when I am sick.  (Should I mention I am typing this while my 2 year old daughter is throwing her blanket at my head and giggling.) Beautiful silly girl though.  She teaches me something new every day.

I am watching my son play on the Wii a Phineas and Ferb game (if he has to jump he lifts his leg up, so cute.)  While my son is playing a game my husband and daughter on on the floor putting together a puzzle.  I love watching their little minds work.

I am exhausted and I just want to go crawl in a hole and sit there.  Ugggg.  😦  My bonus child just got home from bowling with some friends.  He had fun but said it’s not the same as the Wii.  lol  We all love to bowl on the wii.  Glad he feels good because he is the only one in the family.  (Too bad he can’t cook dinner and do laundry, which I need to go do as I speak.)

So much for my awesome fruit and veggie streak.  😦

Oh No

It is here….it has hit me……I am now sick with my babes. The oldest is still standing. Sniff sniff….aaaa choooo.

As my kids say I wub boo. Lol

I still managed to get my fruits and veggies in today.  My throat is killing me so if I had been smart I would have made it into a nice smooth and comforting smoothie.

No way will I get exercise in unless you count the hour of laundry and cooking meals today. This however is what I do when I am sick….


Nutritious right. I had hoped for raisins so I could make oatmeal raisin cookies.  However these sugar cookies are my popular cookie request!! New York Cheesecake is my most popular dessert period and Carrot Cake is my most popular cake.

I love love love to bake and cook. However as horrible as I am with finances I don’t think I will ever be good enough to own my own place. My husband calls that negative thinking.

So back to exercise…I have 2,951 steps today. I don’t see many more in my future today. What do you do when your sick?  What foods do you crave? Mine are grilled cheese and tomato soup. All I had was the grilled cheese.

My kids are keeping me entertained today and driving me nutty lol. I cannot wait until I feel better.


Humor to end the day.

Busy Busy

Wow we have packed so much into this week it is crazy. Fall break for my kiddos. We went to a local festival again so needless to say eating has not been healthy.


Lots of walking though. I had some delicious rolled oysters though. The kids got tons of free junk!  I think we have enough pencils to last thru High School lol.

My parents are leaving tomorrow for a month. It makes me more sad as the kids. I am very close to them. More so than ever. My 3 year old asked if he could go too.

Today we are staying a hour away from our home at a waterpark. We had fun and wore the kids out but they seem to not be wanting to sleep and wow foes that wear my husband out. In all honesty it makes me dislike him when he acts like this. I basically want to walk out the door with the kids and not come back.


My 3 year old went down a slide with my husband today we call the toliet bowl.

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