Well I may or may not have mentioned that I no longer have a job.  Sad yes but gosh do I feel better mentally.  Now the problem is our debt is now over our income.  So I have been going crazy on trying to sell everything I can get my hands on.  Boy oh boy is it hard.  Since it is the last day of the month our new September budget is due.

The good news…somehow my hubby paid off a credit card and I never knew it.

The bad news… somehow one of our credit cards APR changed by 22.2%.  😦

I tell you what… after Dave Ramsey has helped us complete this debt relief I will never ever ever have a credit card.  Goodbye Debt forever.

We have made some incredible changes in just a month.  We write down every little penny we spend and boy oh boy has it helped.  We originally budgeted 300.00 for gas and spent 50% of that.  Slightly shocked but not going anywhere has it ‘s perks. .

Now the worst part of this whole entire situation is saying goodbye to our amazing baby sitter.  I do not like firing people, especially ones I like.  I feel like I am letting her down by not keeping a job.  Yes I do have that problem.  I get bored, I accomplish everything I can there and improve the place and then I have no where to go.  I will never get a raise there and man does the GM treat Employees like they do not matter.  It is some place I never want to think of again.  I loved the traveling work I did though.

So I have to say I have never ever cried over not getting a job.  Last Thursday I interviewed for a job I know I would have been perfect for.  I was so excited and very confident when I left.  She had told me before I left that she was planning on making a decision by tomorrow (Friday).  The interview lasted about 2 hours.  When I called the recruiter she said, “Wow, you just got out of there?”  I was even more confident then.  So I called Friday and she had not made a decision.  Then today I called again.  The recruiter said that she was having trouble making a decision between me and another candidate so she told her to think about it over the weekend.  I guess I didn’t make the cut because she then informed me they went with the other woman. The good news of the conversation was that if anything came up again they were going to call me.  She said it was the hardest decision that they have ever made.

Well the bad news… I guess I wanted it more than I ever wanted any other job; I cried after we hung up.