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Food Log Day 1…

Well Lisa Carpenter said to keep the food log… so I figure what better way then to post what I eat on here and how my eating habits are.  Since I was up so dang on late last night I went to bed late.  Once I headed up to bed the 9yr old woke up so I was with him for a bit not sleeping.  Finally asleep and my husband has to get up so then I am awake.  (I was still a little mad at him so I didn’t move or act like I was awake.  Sorry babe.)  Then again… 30 minutes after I was asleep again, little boy comes walking in and saying he wanted to sleep with me.  I tried putting him in his own bed but it didn’t work so in to bed with me he goes.  Then about 1.5hrs later our amazing sitter came in and got him to get ready for Pre-School.  (Random thought – he came home exhausted and fell asleep on the couch.)

So why did I tell you all of that you ask?  Well I slept until about 1pm and didn’t eat breakfast.  So my eating day started about 2pm.  I put in a frozen pizza.

Normal Serving Size = 1-2 slices of pizza

My Serving Size = 5 slices of pizza with 4 Tbsp of Ranch Dressing

Drink = 2 glasses of Tea (sweetened with artificial sweetener)

Now exercise for the day just included working on decluttering for our yard sale and doing loads of laundry.  So the pizza made me feel too full because I am not sure why I ate the 4th and 5th slice of pizza.  I was watching Netflix and eating so that is probably why.  I am slightly sleepy now too so I guess it has the tired affect on me as well.

So how was your breakfast and lunch?  I told you mine.

Well my day continued interestingly enough with not a lot of excitement.  Sorry to disappoint.  I did fix dinner for the kiddos and the hubs but I wasn’t hungry by then since I ate around 2pm.  They ate around 6pm.  I did manage to drink a few glasses of tea; again with that artificial sweetener.

Finally around 10pm I had dinner….

3 Slices of Pizza left over from Lunch (no ranch this time)

The remains of the bottom of a Ranch Doritos Bag

Pink Lemonade (Crystal Light)

So that is my food for the day.  Not much huh… no snacking during the day at all, I kept myself mostly busy for the times I was awake.  So I did enter everything into MyFitness Pal too… did you notice I didn’t eat much food?  However my caloric intake for today was around 1700.  WOW!!!!!

So Lisa makes a point in her day to day emails that we are not changing anything up yet, we are just using it to understand why we eat what we eat and the serving size, etc.  (My first thought now was budget… feel free to read my other blog posts about Debt and $$$.)

So how did your day size up?  Did you keep yourself accountable and write down what you ate?  Feel free to share it with me… no judging as you can see what I ate.  😦  Don’t worry I will work on it.  I know where I want to go, she just says not to go there just yet.

So I was going to end this post with the last sentence above.  Then I started creating tags and a category for this post and I realized… that today I am happy.  (Other things with today has made me upset and in tears).  For this moment and this subject, I am happy.  Wow what a good feeling.


Tough and Strong

I don’t just mean tough with strength because that I am not.  Oh no where close to that.  I am a mess.  I have great leg strength but wimpy arm strength.  So my hubby is out of town so my sitter is helping tremendously.   She watched my kids today while I completed an online class.  SO on my way home at 11pm I asked her if her and her hubs wanted anything….


That would be both Taco Bell and McDonalds. So so so so much will power to not eat either of those.  Or order something myself.  I also convinced our sitter to do Zumba with me next week and I am so excited.

Every time I decide to watch what I eat I go crazy the days before with fast food. I cannot help it.  I am not saying that I won’t ever not eat fries or a taco again because honestly who am I kidding.  We all love junk food every now and then.  I haven’t really set up a cheat day or anything yet. 

So anyone else on this new weight loss journey?  Let me know your story.  Share your struggles. 

A New Start or a New Failure

I am not sure what to call today. I enjoyed all the junk I had this weekend and last week but at what cost? I mean I feel miserable and gained 5lbs. Where is the joy in that?

I am only at 2 of five fruits and veggies today and they are both fruits. I need 3 veggies at least. I am craving a baked potato actually. Don’t worry I hate sour cream so no chance of that nasty on there. I do try to weigh and limit myself on foods.

Today has been a huge off day for me. Ever just wake up and do not feel right? Ever just want to junk it up? Sometimes I thi k I am not ready to lose weight again, then I look over at 3 beautiful kids and think nope I need to do it for them.


I can do this!!! No more excuses!!! No more crazy mama! Lol I want to take the kids to Disney next year so I better get my butt in gear to be in better fit state and ready to rock and roll with them.

I know I should do it for me but I these kids are my life. I need to do it for them too. I am hoping after my 6pm meeting and dinner that as a family we will do Zumba for at least 30 minutes.

Better decision number 1….

Instead of the elevator! 🙂

Guess what I did today!!! 5 Fruits and Veggies!!!! Proud of myself.

Healthy Food Unhealthy Me

Well I am just worn out today and out of breath. Granted we were and are sick and stuffy. I usually want sick food when I am sick like soup and crackers lol

I am super proud this week’s recap I am over my veggies for the week. Unfortunately we have 2 veggie trays left over from a wedding and I dislike cauliflower so it will not be ate unless I cook it. Also had tons of green beans left over so munching on that. Then fruit trays are about gone. We are huge on fruit.

We had a Steamboat Festival this past weekend where I had a chicken gyro thing with no sauce but tons of veggies.   For dinner I had a baked potato the size of my head. So glad they had a stand. It was yum.

Friday’s wedding not only did I cater and DJ and help the flow but my kids were in it.



I managed to capture a father daughter dance with my daughter and husband. She might want to use it at her wedding. Idk.

Was not so good with exercise with the exception of Friday’s wedding. Did well with steps.

I need to ask myself if I am ready to do this for me. I hate being overweight but I hate not eating. Such a struggle and a huge personal one at that. I almost think it is an addiction. What do you guys think?

So next week’s challenge. 3 days of 30 minute workouts and 4 fruits and veggies a day. I can do it!!!!

Fall is Here

I love this season and smells and decoration!!!! I only wish I was dedicated enough to water mums and we would have some lol


So much fun and crafts to do.

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Snore…..Struggling to Awake

Anyone else not a morning person? I have been up for more than 2 hours and I am still struggling. Yes I have ate. Now I am currently watching UmiZoomi. I believe why I have no energy to work out. I want to go back to sleep.

I miss my morning banana too. Maybe why I am so stiff and sore. (Either that or old starts at 31.) I need to get up and moving.

I sent my goals in for the week which are working out Wed, Fri and Sat. My new veggie and fruit Pact starts today too. Wish me luck.

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Improvement is coming

Well have I ever mentioned I am not a morning person. I mean sometimes once I get out of bed I am good but 80% of the time I am not.

I made enough noise to wake up my baby girl, I hate walking in to wake her. We are working on potty training so she went right away. They are getting too big. 😦

My 1st sad moment of the day is when I could toe my shoes like a normal person instead of like this:


That would be my legs sideways. I had to wear tennis shoes. Walking with the kids without them would be foot suicide. 

We are at the local Family Fitness Day. Pretty excited.

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Wow five days. Sorry to those who actually read my ramblings. I guess I am out of focus this week.

I am a little off today. My husband said cranky. Then as I brushed my teeth before bed I was unhappy with what was staring back at me. (This hurts to share this btw.)


It was right before bed so give me a break.  But this photo is not me. My after shot is me. Now granted I am eating more fruits and veggies and managed to lose 8 lbs on this 2nd journey we will call it.

One day I even hit 6 veggies. Super proud then. I even hit my Pact early. Now I have upped it for next week to 21 for a week so I should be good. Especially if I eat with my son again. I am trying to add fruits and veggies more to family meals. Even though I had french fries with dinner tonight I also had apple peels (my kids dislike them), corn, and baby carrots. So see go me. I have been logging MFP like crazy!!!

What I have not been doing: EXERCISE!!! What is my problem?  Now I did decided tomorrow we are doing this family fun fest or fitness fest. IDR.

How can I teach my kids healthy habits if I am not healthy myself? I am not a perfect mother but I need to be right.

I am a big family person. Maybe because I am an only child. Maybe because I love parties. I asked my mom not too long ago why we didn’t hang out as a family anymore, distant cousins and all. She said because one of them called me fat and I didn’t want to go back. I don’t remember that but now that she told me it is all I can think about. Now we still don’t hang out much but I see her daughter a ton and she watches our kids. She is absolutely fabulous.

I was never hugely teased about my size in school but never popular.  I am still not popular. I am not a popular mom. I am not the one you want to hang with. I am just me with not a lot of whom I really call friends. Yes I have about 900 FB friends…but out of all of them probably 5 that would drop everything to help. That’s including my husband.

I never said I needed a lot but changing your life style sometimes you need a support system. 


I need to remember the above statement. Maybe make it my mantra. I am excited about tomorrow and so are my kids. They love to be outside. My husband I think just is going to be going because I want to. Now that the kids are getting older I feel like we need to do more things with them. It is harder when you have a baby. Not impossible.

Nothing I am saying is news.  Nothing is new. Everyone has heard this story before. I am not the only woman out there like this. (I struggle with the term woman and not girl.)

I did keep my vow to workout 3 days in a week so far. At least if we go tomorrow I will. I also have kept my at least 3 veggies and fruits a day. So I am going to vow to keep that going another week before changing. A little too freaked to mess it up.

Have you set yourself goals this week? Have you wrote them down or told anyone? You should, otherwise they are just thoughts in your head bouncing around.

Weekend Craze

So this weekend was a crazy day lol

Friday we met a guy at our old house to get some quotes. Then met my parents and friend’s for a not so healthy dinner. They had amazing fries though.

Saturday we went to the American Heart Association Walk with the kiddos this year. Last year it was just the hubs and I. Also we did not take a stroller. Let me repeat DID NOT take a stroller. We had a banana and granola bar there before walking. Then started. When we got to the take the short route or the long route my husband said we have the kids let’s shorten it. I said nah let’s just go with the kids. Boy was that a horrible idea. About a minute away from the turn Hubby and the boys went away and I carried our 26lbs daughter. Which slowed me down so much that we were the last ones. So when we crossed paths again we turned around. I carried her about 2 miles. For an overweight girl yikes.


The picture is about the only moment she walked. I think she was overwhelmed with the crowd.

So on the way back about 1/4 of a mile left my handsome 45 lb 3 year old says my legs hurt. Now my husband said he ran most of it. (When I say 45 lbs let me emphasize that he is huge. Very tall for his age. He is well above my waist. Everyone says football player lol). So I picked him up and carried him over my shoulder to the end. OMG.

They did so well we let them play in the water when they were done. My daughter didn’t want to though.


They were naked on the way home.

Saturday was also our date night because our 5 year anniversary was Sunday. So my wonderful cousin did my hair. Curls and all…


I hate this pic…huge disappoint in myself for gaining so much back.

Anyway….After that I picked up our cute cake. Will came with me…He is a Mommy’s boy and I love it. Got ready when we came home then my wonderful parents arrived to watch the kiddos.

My husband and I probably drove around for 30 minutes before figuring out where to eat. We were clueless. We ended uo at BBC (Bluegrass Brewing Company). Needless to say I was so not impressed. Or none at all. I have an addiction to hot brown and it was okay but not awesome. For your 5th wedding anniversary you need awesome!!

My husband had bought tickets to Chicago that a friend of mine was in. I was expecting disappointment because the theater was small and the chairs were painful lol. It was wonderful!! I was highly impressed.


We them headed home we were both so exhausted from that walk. (My legs are still weak and killing me.)

Sunday our actual anniversary was a little less crazy lol. We did go take down a trampoline from my cousins and put it up at our house.  The kids were so so excited. They were filthy when they were done but excited lol


A piece broke which made me sad but that’s okay just no adults on it lol


The kids were filthy afterwards so to the bath it was.

Pizza was our shared dinner with my amazing parents and then we dug into the most adorable cake. Sorry I deleted that photo already or I would share it too lol

Next weekend is a busy one too. I have the fundraiser for Abby next weekend…Please visit to donate.

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