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Burger Boy, Louisville

Anyone who lives in Louisville should try the iconic Burger Boy!  It’s a very small place with tons of love.  While you can see everything they are doing in the kitchen you can enjoy the atmosphere.  They definitely need to be on triple D’s. 

Breakfast is served 24/7 and all food served to order so worth any wait you could have.

I will post the entire menu below.  Last night I wanted the Bison burger but they were all sold out.  Still delicious on its own…the Burger Boy. I ordered mine with bacon and the most amazing cheese sauce.  Wait let me rephrase I ordered mine with bacon, cheddar, tomato, onion, and pickle but only got bacon and cheese.  NOT the kitchens fault.  We had a very sweet server but she was horrible at her job.  She failed to tell us no Bison burger so the chef had to.  After we ate we ordered fried mushrooms to go and sat for 20 to 30 minutes before we finally got up and she said I will get that order in and the chef said we are out.  Ugggg.  It was fine because my friend and I were catching up, but damn come tell us.

Yes it was that good I ate that much before the photo.

I forgot to mention the fries, they come battered and seasoned to perfect.  I am a huge cheese fry fan but I recommend getting cheese on the side so you can savor the flavor of the fry itself.  

I have to say our server, Amy, was horrible at her job.  The food…Amazing!!  The price is for anyone, you cannot beat it!  Drop in anytime because as they say if you are up, they are open!!

Also known as Juanita’s Burger Boy!


Shari’s Berries

Where to start?  Well I hosted a Berries4Mom party thru House Party!  Very thankful for that by the way!  My party included 24 Fancy Berries and 4 Cheesecake Trios!!  WOW a lot of food and so delicious!!!  When these boxes arrived I was just overwhelmed and forgot what came in my package until it arrived.


Needless to say my kids first words were, WOW!  They loved helping me unpack it and put it up!  Plus of course I had to sneak peak at the Strawberries!!  I didn’t want to unwrap the Cheesecakes as they came in plastic wrap over the boxes!

Look at these huge, juicy and amazing looking chocolate covered strawberries:


It was so hard not to break into these a day early and eat them myself!!  One or two was the most I could handle on our actual party day anyway!  They were so delicious!!!

We had a nice setup and had some Shari’s Berries Wine Openers, Offer Postcards, and Wine and Dessert Pairing Magnets!!  It was so much fun to set up and share these desserts with some close friends!

I most definitely recommend Shari’s Berries to anyone around for some delicious taste and it will likely put a smile on anyone’s face you send them to!  To order just visit BERRIES.COM and enter the CODE: BERRIES4MOM for $10.00 OFF!!  Put a smile on your Mom’s face!

Applebee’s Has Changed

Did you know Applebee’s has completely changed their menu and the way their locations look?  Our local Applebee’s now has cleaner looking walls and fewer sports mementos.  It now has local photos and sports teams of High Schools.  I actually love that better, it feels like they are becoming more of the community.  I should have taken some photos but we went at Midnight!

The most amazing thing is late at night some of their appetizers go half price!  When we got there I never imagined to see such a busy parking lot and that many people inside.  I actually asked Lauren, who greeted us, she said it’s hit or miss sometimes.  This was a Friday night!  We stopped by after a concert because I was starving, the hubs not so much!

Lauren on the other hand was a wonderful server!!  Very attentive and kind.  We ordered mozzarella sticks which I thought were bigger last time but that is okay.  Their new menu is based upon a wood grill which we ordered nothing from but it all looked good.  My husband ordered Boneless Wings with Spicy Chili sauce and I ordered the Beer Burger with fries.  Gosh that beer cheese rocked!!!  I even dipped my fries into it.  My other dislike was the sweet and spicy pickles it came with which are actually just cucumbers spiced up.  I am not a cucumber fan for some reason but I ADORE pickles!!

So all the food was cooked nicely, I asked for a Medium Well burger and got a Medium Rare but I ate it anyway because I was starving!

My only huge complaint was yes it was late and close to closing so they were using the vacuum.  The girl who started near us came right up to our legs and the vacuum has the air vent blowing right into our faces, which by the way stunk horribly and was not something you wanted to smell while eating your food.

I recommend checking out your local Applebee’s and see how they have changed!!!  You will also notice electronic tablets at every table where you can order, pay, and even play games!

Courtyard Cincinnati North at Union Centre

Wow all I can say is wow. I stayed at a Courtyard in New York for about a month and a half and was highly impressed then. This brought me back to then. I had an amazing time and felt greatly appreciated at this location as well.

When you walk in everything is very neat and spotless! (more on spotless later) When we were checking in there was also a bus full of kids from a baseball team but we got checked in quite quickly. At first I was concerned because I did prepay for my room but it was not noticed at first and neither was the free breakfast that was prepaid so I was a bit concerned. However they found it and all was good. After we were finished with check-in, the very kind woman came around the counter to hand us our waters and explain the times and any other information we needed such as wifi.

Off to our room we went where we were greeted with a HUGE King size bed, which I have to say was the most amazing and most comfortable bed I have ever laid in. I do not steal but if I could have fit that mattress in my purse it might have been gone. They had a mini couch in our room which was great for your posture. A two part desk and by that I mean there was a part that rolled around the room and you could sit anywhere with it, and I did. A HUGE Shower!!!

13055579_10154132736407272_7249988413358214078_n (1)

Now earlier when I said everything was spotless in the lobby it was in the room as well! I even checked the top of the picture frames for dust, yes I am that person, and they were clean and clear!! Some of the bathroom tile had some stain but doesn’t everyone’s bathroom? The last time I stayed at a Courtyard the Shampoo’s were not so large so I was excited by that because I have longer hair and use an entire bottle. Now I do not!

We ordered the same breakfast two days in a row. It was so delicious!!! Turkey sausage, egg whites, sourdough toast, and potatoes!!! Delicious!! The second day I ordered the same thing but my sausage was dry, the egg whites were not egg whites and we got less potatoes than the previous day but it was still good. My husband also got to fill up his coffee a few times.

12524145_10154132736477272_7073131229894892826_n (1).jpg

Yes I put ketchup on my eggs!

The first night we visited the pool/whirlpool area. We were not hugely impressed but not extremely disappointed either. The whirlpool/hot tub did not have any jets that were working. IT was nice and toasty though. The pool was a comfortable temperature as well. It was 4′ deep at it’s deepest and I loved that.

My only negative comment about the entire stay was there was no vent/fan in the bathroom. Lets face it everyone has to go to the bathroom but it would have been nice for some of it to be sucked up by the vent!

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