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A Quick Note

How is everyone else so dedicated to blogging? I seem to suck at it. So much to update. 

Since it is Midnight I will have to update tomorrow!! Goodnight my few followers lol


Jergens Wet Moisturizer

OHHHH WOW!!!  Did I Ever mention how much I dislike lotions.  All lotions too!!!!  I hate the greasy feeling on my skin and my fingers.  I even disliked applying lotion on my children as babies and young kiddos.  It was always so nasty feeling.  I know my skin needs it to feel great.

Then thanks to Crowdtap I got the great opportunity to try Jergens Wet moisturizer.


As you can see we are fans of Jergens brand in our home.  The love began with my mother and has been passed down.  I use it rarely but my husband uses it almost every day.  Now that I have found the Wet Moisturizer I will probably use it every time I shower.  It was so easy and moisturized and it felt great coming out of the shower feeling great and not sticky and greasy.

I cannot wait to share this awesome brand with more of my friends and family.  It’s hard to see the shine on my leg.  Yes I said leg because I wanted to test the difference.  My right leg has Jergens the left leg has nothing.  Even today the next day I can still tell a huge difference.  Don’t take my word for it though, give it a try!


Silk Dairy Free Alternative Yogurt

Do you have a dairy problem?  No, but want to try something a bit healthier?  I suggest Silk Dairy Free Alternative Yogurt.  I went with Strawberry for a first taste because I was unsure about how the flavor would be in something that was non-dairy.

Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt

Blueberry Tiny Toast

Yes I think it needs the word Delicious-o in the title. It is THAT GOOD!! Of course I opened it hoping to pour it into a bowl and it didn’t make it that far. Izzy also had to share with me as well. (My 4 year old.) It was so delicious. IT left a mess on the table afterwards but that is okay. The flavor is unreal in these Tiny Toast’s. I cannot wait to try the Strawberry too. I even wonder if more flavors will come out as well. I need to bring breakfast into my life a little more and this is a great way to do it!

General Mills Blueberry Tiny Toast

So a few notes, this product is available at Walmart! Available currently in Blueberry and Strawberry Flavor and made by General Mills. If you are a healthy eater do read the label first to make sure you are okay with the percentages and ingredients. However I am going to tell you it is so delicious!! I want more now but we are out.

As you can see in the photo it is smothered and covered in sugary blueberry goodness. Also yes they are truly TINY TOAST!!! Also with BIG DELICIOUSNESS!!

Truly Tiny Toast by General Mills (Blueberry flavors)

Thanks BzzAgent for allowing me to review this product! So worth every bite!

Love and Death

Every since I can remember I have been afraid of the D word.  Don’t ask me why or how it started because I do not know. Maybe it was the show I watched of the cat jumping on someone and suffocating them or the brain being pulled out with a bent hanger and thrown in the fruit bowl.  Maybe it was the only child syndrome. 

What I do know is any family members death does a toll on me even at 33. Last night we lost a cousin but to me she was much more than that. More like a Granny since most of her grandkids were around my age or 10 yrs younger.  

We knew it was coming but that does not make it easier.  After ten months her battle with cancer ended.  No more stress and fighting for her.  No more what if and waiting.  

The truth is I think she held the family together more than anyone will ever know.  She is what kept what little contact we had left with that side alive.  Anytime we lose a family ember no matter what side it is said that we need to get together more.  However do we? No! NEVER!  I HATE IT.  Why say it to be nice if you really are not going to. 

I try inviting family to a lot of parties and Events but rarely does anyone show.  I used to joke that it depended on what we were eating. My family likes to eat and more so when it is free.

I think we all have a lot of love but I am running out of family that would do anything for me. My parents always said I worry about me and no one else.  Maybe that’s what turned me into a worrier.  I worry about it all.  

So farewell sweet friend. I loved you more than I probably told you and I hope you know. I will always love and miss you greatly. 

Rapid Release Advil

I received a free sample as a member of the Fast Advil Fanatics on Crowdtap.  I received a few individual packages and some awesome coupons.  I usually always buy generic brands because of the price which I need to quit because I know they do not work as well.


Now when they say Rapid Release Formula… they mean it.  I didn’t have to wait the typical 20 minutes for something to enter my system.  I felt it within 5 minutes.  Either that or I was in so much pain that I was numb.

Going to try some more tonight to see if it will help me sleep and I will most definitely update this post for sure!!  You guys deserve to know the best!  #sponsored #Advil

Science Academy Slime Lab


This by far was the most coolest thing ever.  My kids loved it and even I loved it.  This kit came with everything you needed minus water to make all kinds of cool ooey gooey fun!

It comes with a very easy to read instruction manual as well.  We were at least making these slime balls for a hour.  It started out with all kinds of fun.  Even the three and five year olds were having a blast!


Our kit was mostly set up for us already which was nice.  The kids did fight over who got to wear the googles and gloves but I gave it to our 9 year old since I trusted him more with chemicals.  We of course got to learn about science as we went along.  I believe the most favorite among the kids was the big clear Jelly Fish we made and then for fun we made a big long strand of clear slime.  I wish I could have captured all their reactions to that one when we pulled it out of the slime.


I would definitely recommend using these products.  My biggest piece of advice would be to be very very careful and not get any of the slime up the tubes or you will not be able to reuse them.  I wish we had a bit more of them as spares!  It was just so much fun even for myself.

To me supervision is required at all times so chemicals do not get everywhere and I would double up on the paper towels or newspapers you use to protect your surface.  We saved some of the items to do this again and I cannot wait!!!




Sorry I had to get that out of my system first.  Now did I take any photos of the food?  NO!  I was distracted by three little ones while we went.  It was all delicious and we had an awesome server.  Actually now that I am writing this I want it again I want to eat it again.

Some of my favorites are the Mac and Cheese Bites (AMAZING!!), Dumpster Fries, and and their Ranch that comes with the Dumpster Fries.  So so good.  Now this time we kind of went nuts and had a buffet of food going on.  I think I could completely order from the appetizers and be happy.  Plus it’s a great price for the food.

My kiddos each got a kids meal.  They use real chicken for the chicken tenders and boneless wings which is good for anyone except my five year old.  I found them to be delicious.  The kids meals come with two sides and they have a ton of healthy options too.

The oldest got Mac and Cheese Bites, Fries, Salad and a huge glass of milk with free refills.

My middle got Boneless Chicken Wings, Fries, and Potato Wedges (which he did not eat.)

My youngest got Mac and Cheese Bites (which she did not eat, she didn’t understand it), Salad and Mandarian Oranges.

We ordered some fries for the table along with more Mac and Cheese Bites and Fried Pickles.  I personally went with Garbage Fries.  The right amount of cheese as well.  So delicious.  Now I have to admit I was not hugely impressed with the Fried Pickles but mostly because the batter was falling off and to me it just was not flavorful unless you had sauce.  The Mac and Cheese Bites are served with Sour Cream which I dislike anyway so I just ate them as is.  SO GOOD!

We were there for a bunco game so we played and then I let the kids order dessert.  We went with Reese’s Pie and a Chocolate Lava Cake.  The kids loved the Chocolate Lava Cake and I loved the Reese’s!

Here is photos of the awesome menu.  They have a little of everything!



Hawaiian Tropic Weightless Sunscreen Lotion

I have found a new love for the sun.  As I have always said my biggest problem is to remember to wear it.  I have always not put any on because it’s always so thick and clumpy when applying and wearing.  However now with the Weightless Hawaiian Tropic I do not feel like I have anything on and I smell great too!


My three year old daughter came up to me and asked why I smelled so good and when I told her she had to have some too!!  She loves the smell just as much as I do!  I cannot wait to keep wearing and sharing about this awesome sunscreen!

I highly recommend you go out now and buy some.  I enjoyed it while watching these two have fun in the sun.


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