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Science Academy Slime Lab


This by far was the most coolest thing ever.  My kids loved it and even I loved it.  This kit came with everything you needed minus water to make all kinds of cool ooey gooey fun!

It comes with a very easy to read instruction manual as well.  We were at least making these slime balls for a hour.  It started out with all kinds of fun.  Even the three and five year olds were having a blast!


Our kit was mostly set up for us already which was nice.  The kids did fight over who got to wear the googles and gloves but I gave it to our 9 year old since I trusted him more with chemicals.  We of course got to learn about science as we went along.  I believe the most favorite among the kids was the big clear Jelly Fish we made and then for fun we made a big long strand of clear slime.  I wish I could have captured all their reactions to that one when we pulled it out of the slime.


I would definitely recommend using these products.  My biggest piece of advice would be to be very very careful and not get any of the slime up the tubes or you will not be able to reuse them.  I wish we had a bit more of them as spares!  It was just so much fun even for myself.

To me supervision is required at all times so chemicals do not get everywhere and I would double up on the paper towels or newspapers you use to protect your surface.  We saved some of the items to do this again and I cannot wait!!!





Sorry I had to get that out of my system first.  Now did I take any photos of the food?  NO!  I was distracted by three little ones while we went.  It was all delicious and we had an awesome server.  Actually now that I am writing this I want it again I want to eat it again.

Some of my favorites are the Mac and Cheese Bites (AMAZING!!), Dumpster Fries, and and their Ranch that comes with the Dumpster Fries.  So so good.  Now this time we kind of went nuts and had a buffet of food going on.  I think I could completely order from the appetizers and be happy.  Plus it’s a great price for the food.

My kiddos each got a kids meal.  They use real chicken for the chicken tenders and boneless wings which is good for anyone except my five year old.  I found them to be delicious.  The kids meals come with two sides and they have a ton of healthy options too.

The oldest got Mac and Cheese Bites, Fries, Salad and a huge glass of milk with free refills.

My middle got Boneless Chicken Wings, Fries, and Potato Wedges (which he did not eat.)

My youngest got Mac and Cheese Bites (which she did not eat, she didn’t understand it), Salad and Mandarian Oranges.

We ordered some fries for the table along with more Mac and Cheese Bites and Fried Pickles.  I personally went with Garbage Fries.  The right amount of cheese as well.  So delicious.  Now I have to admit I was not hugely impressed with the Fried Pickles but mostly because the batter was falling off and to me it just was not flavorful unless you had sauce.  The Mac and Cheese Bites are served with Sour Cream which I dislike anyway so I just ate them as is.  SO GOOD!

We were there for a bunco game so we played and then I let the kids order dessert.  We went with Reese’s Pie and a Chocolate Lava Cake.  The kids loved the Chocolate Lava Cake and I loved the Reese’s!

Here is photos of the awesome menu.  They have a little of everything!



Hawaiian Tropic Weightless Sunscreen Lotion

I have found a new love for the sun.  As I have always said my biggest problem is to remember to wear it.  I have always not put any on because it’s always so thick and clumpy when applying and wearing.  However now with the Weightless Hawaiian Tropic I do not feel like I have anything on and I smell great too!


My three year old daughter came up to me and asked why I smelled so good and when I told her she had to have some too!!  She loves the smell just as much as I do!  I cannot wait to keep wearing and sharing about this awesome sunscreen!

I highly recommend you go out now and buy some.  I enjoyed it while watching these two have fun in the sun.


The Magic & The Wonder


The 9th Annual The Magic & The Wonder show by Kosair Charities at Kentucky Center.  The show was MC’d by WSBT’s Meteorologist and Magician Paul Emmick.  He helped bring the show to life.

The main hosts of the show are Patrick and Janice Miller, a husband and wife duo from Louisville, KY.  Pat and Janice do mostly illusions that blow your mind.  I know we kept trying to figure it out ourselves.  The illusion below is the shrinking woman.  You can check out more information about the happy couple on their website, Magic Illusions by Pat and Janice.


Another performer was the hilariously talented Stephen Knowles.  He started ventriloquism as a very young child and it stuck.  Currently Stephen Knowles can be found at the Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge, TN.  He definitely makes you laugh and in awe of his amazing talent.


The second half of the show showcased first Charlie Frye & Company.  For over 20 years Charlie and his wife, Sherry, have been entertaining.  According to his website, Charlie wanted to be Batman and since that backfired he followed in his father and grandfather’s footsteps, who were clowns.   His wife Sherry, whom he met at the circus was a showgirl, aerialist, and a classically trained ballerina.  He is an amazing juggler with a great sense of humor.   Feel free to jump over to his website and learn more about him as well.


Then finally but not least was Mac King.  I actually knew him from my childhood.  When I was about 8 or 9 I had my parents record a magic show on VHS.  For all you youngsters that is an old persons version of a DVD or BluRay Disc.  I still have it actually and he was a performer on there and I absolutely loved him.  On the TV show and on this live show he did the getting rid of the hiccups trick!  It definitely flashed me back to my childhood.  King has been performing since he was 10 and definitely still entertains to this day.  You can see him now in Vegas!  Learn more about King on his website as well!

Screenshot 2016-05-23 at 8.43.34 PM

Interested in learning about the Art of Magic yourself?  Check out Louisville Magic Club!

Now as much as I appreciated the freebie tickets for this generous cause, the seats were awful for the type of magic that was performed.  Honestly they should cut off tickets after a certain section or have some sort of images and cameras going around.  We were in row A on the top balcony which was super duper dusty btw.  HOWEVER greatly appreciated making memories with my kids to do the review.

A Night Out with Harry Connick Jr.

WOW!!!  Awesome! Amazing! Wonderful!  Spectacular!  Those are the words I would use to express last night’s show with Harry Connick Jr.  Those words are no where near enough to explain the show that I was so lucky to see.  I was however lucky enough to share the event with my Mom who said she had the time of her life.  His style was one of the reasons that made me fall in love with music.


An Evening with Harry Connick, Jr. was May 19 at Whitney Hall in The Kentucky Center.  Most people know Harry Connick, Jr. from American Idol, which I personally had no idea he was on, my love started with When Harry Met Sally.  Tonight he actually shared a story about when he was in the studio recording, “It Had to Be You” from the movie.

Harry Connick, Jr.  is a native of New Orleans which shows in his performances while playing piano.  He also played trumpet, guitar, and keyboard tonight.  He has a way of bringing you into his show and show you how much fun the entire band have on stage.  You leave the show feeling like you have a new best friend.

Some amazing things happened tonight during the show, someone brought his new album cover to sign, he received a piano quilt, made a little girl have a memory she will never forget, brought a couple on stage for their first dance as an engaged couple (he asked during the show), and gave a woman a 4 bar dance!  I laughed, I cried, I smiled, and I left on a musical high!  If you ever get a chance to catch him person, do it!!!


If you missed him this time you can catch him in September 2016 on our local WAVE 3 station in his new show Harry, which he claims is on earlier so we can all stay awake.  I say good idea and I cannot wait!  Harry will entertain us with his live band and laughter as a daytime show.

Never heard of Harry Connick, Jr?  Well not only is he an amazing entertainer but has helped our country in various ways through charitable work.  He helped create the Musicians’ Village after Hurricane Katrina to provide homes for musicians and displaced citizens, a community center with a performance hall and recording studio as well as an after-school facility for kids.  He has also been happily married for 22 years and has three beautiful daughters.

You can find out more information about the star here on his website!

Hooters..All You Can Eat Night

I think I am still full from Monday’s dinner at Hooters for All You Can Eat Boneless Wings.  Worth it?  Yes.  Miserable later?  Yes  Do not know when to stop eating?  Yes

Can you see a theme here?  We ended up taking our 9 and 3 year olds with us which was great, however we had to request to be seated at a shorter table so they sat us in the corner in the dark!  Even our 9 year old said it was too dark.  I didn’t want to ask for a more lit area so we just stayed.  Later on we found out that being in the corner on the side of the restaurant that no one else is also means, SLLLLLOOOOOWWWW service.  She was very polite though.

So appetizers to the rescue from our starvation.  We went with Fried Pickles because you can never go wrong with Fried Pickles and their delicious sauce accompanied with them.  There were four of us eating and we had plenty.


Now that we have left I kind of want to go back now for more.  My husband is a frequent flier of Hooters and has always wanted to try the Buffalo Chicken Dip and I personally am addicted to my Buffalo Chicken Dip so we tried it.  I have to say I was extremely disappointed.  The amount of chips per dip were good, we had tons of chips left over actually.  The ranch on top was a perfect amount to cool the heat.  However to us it was more like Buffalo Dip.  Not very much Chicken at all and too much liquid in the dip.


We all ran out of drinks quite quickly and getting refills were a pain in the butt.  We drink a lot.  One thing to me that seems like a waste of time is giving everyone a new glass and new straw.   If Hooters ever needed to cut costs you could most definitely start there.  For one, have them keep their cup and refill it or get a pitcher and fill it with what they are drinking.  Especially for the water drinkers.  I could understand if it was a drink that was not so popular.  My children were slightly disappointed by no milk, but they don’t whine so water was fine, thankfully.  My husband cooled down with a nice tall glass of beer.  It had the most perfect foam top as well!


Eventually our food came and I have to say, the amount of fries for a single order was awesome.  It’s all my daughter wanted instead of a kids meal so she ate about half of them.  Luckily since I didn’t order any for the first time ever I got some of hers.  Eating boneless wings or tenders without fries just seems wrong.


Our oldest got a kids meal with BBQ Boneless Wings and he just absolutely loved them.  Maybe he should have got the All You Can Eat Wings lol.


My husband and I were impressed with the amount of wings we got each time.  I know some restaurants do less amounts on each of your refills.  Below are a photos of round one, aka BBQ and General Tsos.  Nicely coated with their sauces.  I personally tried the BBQ, Teriyaki, and General Tso’s sauces.  My husband is a Three Mile Island fan but only did it once.

Now do not get me wrong all the sauces were good, however when I ordered the Teriyaki sauce, it was drenched and had a decent size pool of sauce at the bottom as well.  My other complaint about Hooters in general is charging such a high price for more ranch dressing.


Will we go back?  Of course, we would be crazy not too.  Are we sometimes disappointed?  90% of the time, but heck we keep going back anyway.  For your viewing pleasure I have posted photos of the current menu.

Parting is Such Sorrow

There are things in life each of us will never ever understand.  There are things we try to figure out but will never get.  There are things we ask questions to but do we really want the answers.  Would knowing why something happened are us feel better? What if we had someone to blame?

I personally do not know why this sweet angel was sent so soon.


In his short span of life this little guy taught me that life is short.  He taught me that you really cannot take anything or anyone for granted.  He taught me that the ones you thought you needed that you do not.  He taught me that the ones you cared for that you cared more than you really ever knew yourself.  He taught me that the three babies I lost although tragic were sacrificed for the ones I was allowed to keep.  He taught me so much more.


This sweet little boy entered the world a fighter and tonight he left as one too. 
If I stare at the photo above or below all I can think is that it is not fair and I do not understand.  His parents and family are much stronger than I believe I could ever be and yet I can never understand their pain.  My love goes out to them at the time of their loss of their sweet baby boy!


Shari’s Berries

Where to start?  Well I hosted a Berries4Mom party thru House Party!  Very thankful for that by the way!  My party included 24 Fancy Berries and 4 Cheesecake Trios!!  WOW a lot of food and so delicious!!!  When these boxes arrived I was just overwhelmed and forgot what came in my package until it arrived.


Needless to say my kids first words were, WOW!  They loved helping me unpack it and put it up!  Plus of course I had to sneak peak at the Strawberries!!  I didn’t want to unwrap the Cheesecakes as they came in plastic wrap over the boxes!

Look at these huge, juicy and amazing looking chocolate covered strawberries:


It was so hard not to break into these a day early and eat them myself!!  One or two was the most I could handle on our actual party day anyway!  They were so delicious!!!

We had a nice setup and had some Shari’s Berries Wine Openers, Offer Postcards, and Wine and Dessert Pairing Magnets!!  It was so much fun to set up and share these desserts with some close friends!

I most definitely recommend Shari’s Berries to anyone around for some delicious taste and it will likely put a smile on anyone’s face you send them to!  To order just visit BERRIES.COM and enter the CODE: BERRIES4MOM for $10.00 OFF!!  Put a smile on your Mom’s face!

Applebee’s Has Changed

Did you know Applebee’s has completely changed their menu and the way their locations look?  Our local Applebee’s now has cleaner looking walls and fewer sports mementos.  It now has local photos and sports teams of High Schools.  I actually love that better, it feels like they are becoming more of the community.  I should have taken some photos but we went at Midnight!

The most amazing thing is late at night some of their appetizers go half price!  When we got there I never imagined to see such a busy parking lot and that many people inside.  I actually asked Lauren, who greeted us, she said it’s hit or miss sometimes.  This was a Friday night!  We stopped by after a concert because I was starving, the hubs not so much!

Lauren on the other hand was a wonderful server!!  Very attentive and kind.  We ordered mozzarella sticks which I thought were bigger last time but that is okay.  Their new menu is based upon a wood grill which we ordered nothing from but it all looked good.  My husband ordered Boneless Wings with Spicy Chili sauce and I ordered the Beer Burger with fries.  Gosh that beer cheese rocked!!!  I even dipped my fries into it.  My other dislike was the sweet and spicy pickles it came with which are actually just cucumbers spiced up.  I am not a cucumber fan for some reason but I ADORE pickles!!

So all the food was cooked nicely, I asked for a Medium Well burger and got a Medium Rare but I ate it anyway because I was starving!

My only huge complaint was yes it was late and close to closing so they were using the vacuum.  The girl who started near us came right up to our legs and the vacuum has the air vent blowing right into our faces, which by the way stunk horribly and was not something you wanted to smell while eating your food.

I recommend checking out your local Applebee’s and see how they have changed!!!  You will also notice electronic tablets at every table where you can order, pay, and even play games!

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